Video Processor
Power Management
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Video Processor
Power Management
 Buck Regulators
 Linear Regulators
 WLED Drivers
  Battery Charge
All VISA products and materials are RoHS compliant and Pb free.
Part Number

Efficiency (Max)

Frequency (Hz)

 Max  Output Input Voltage Feedback Voltage

Max LED #

Brightness  Control  Package
VS3008 84% 1.2M 29V 2.7 to 12V 95mV 4 PWM SOT23-5L
VS3029 84% 1.2M 28V 2.5 to 16V 200mV 6 PWM SOT23-6L
VS3030 84% 1.2M 27V 2.5 to 16V 200mV 8 PWM SOT23-6L
VS4101 87% 1.25M 27V 2.5 to 5.5V 104mV 8 PWM  SOT23-6L
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